$Dogira – 2021 Roadmap


  • ✅ Token Launched
    The Dogira Contract has been launched on Mainnet.
  • ✅ Community Resources
    Dogira’s official Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit hubs have been launched.
  • ✅ Hire OG Doge Dev
    Eoghan Hayes joins the Dogira team, having developed on the original Dogecoin codebase in 2013/2014.
  • ✅ Expand Dev Team
    Dogira is joined by Mia, a seasoned AWS Engineer.
  • ✅ Initial DEX/CEX Applications
    Dogira’s first applications to Centralised Exchanges supporting fiat purchases/sales, alongside Cryptocurrency Indices are submitted.


  • ✅ DEX/CEX Listings
    $Dogira has been listed on WhiteBit, and Coingecko – with more to come!
  • ⌛ New Website & Utilities
    Currently under development (psst.. you’re on here!)
  • ⌛ NFT Reward System
    While Cosmetic NFTs have their own role to play, we believe that NFTs which have an inherent value attached (such as our CEX Edition models rewarding Dogira after a set hold period) can be expanded upon, and formalised into our ecosystem, and expanded upon further through our pool/staking operations.
  • ⌛ Marketing Ramp-up
    A minimum marketing spend of $100,000 is anticipated through Q2, targeting both activity-driven individual user rewards, alongside formal advertisement service agreements.
  • ⌛ Animal Charity Campaign
    We’ve not yet found any Dragon/Shibe Sanctuaries, but we’ll be working close with our community to select some animal charities, and start a dogira-powered donation drive to give back to our furry (and scaley) friends.


  • ⌛  Blockchain Native Gaming
    While generalised Game Development will play a more immediate role in Dogira’s ecosystem, we intend on launching our first Blockchain Native Gaming experience in Q3 – Allowing traders and holders to utilise their Dogira, NFTs, and Launchpad tokens in unique, and rewarding (yes – literally rewarding) experiences.
  • ⌛ NFT Mining Pool / Staking
    For those looking to enhance their Token and NFT asset portfolios without native gaming experiences, NFT staking will be rolled out to allow holders to increase their passive income by either locking their tokens for a set time period with a guaranteed NFT reward – or, stake in zero-term pool to try your luck at an NFT Lottery.
  • ⌛ Token/NFT Launchpad
    New tokens and NFTs go live every day – and Dogira wants to make it easier for creators, and investors to get on board with these. Our Token/NFT Launchpad will allow users to quickly launch their own token within the Dogira ecosystem, with a hard requirement of any proposed token being audited. Along with this, a set percentage of tokens will be allocated to Dogira-operated services within Blockchain Native Gaming, and our NFT Staking Systems; allowing established Dogira holders to become founding members of your new launch.
  • ⌛ Contract V2
    Our V2 Contract will place a heavy focus on empowering our native NFT functionality, Gaming Services, and Launchpad systems – while preserving, and improving upon our unique tokenomics.


  • ⌛  Gaming Services Expansion
    Gaming Services – both generalised, and Native Blockchain systems will continue to play an important role in Dogira’s future, with Q4 putting a heavy focus on expanding our unique offerings in these areas.
  • ⌛ NFT Ecosystem Expansion
    Our NFT Ecosystem will make up the second major cornerstone of Dogira’s success moving forwards, with additional expansions in these areas planned for Q4; with continual targetting towards enhancing our existing NFT assets, Gaming Services, and Staking Pool functionalities.

Mission Statement

Dogira has a meme on the front of the coin – but it is anything but a meme coin. Dogira symbolises a creative, and fun environment within the Blockchain 3.0 landscape – and spearheaded by a team of Industry Professionals, Dogira sets out to perfect the formula in creating a dual Asset/Utility token with long-term tangible value, and real use cases.