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Dogira has been developed to allow holders exposure to a fledgling Blockchain Development Studio & DeFi Platform, led by industry professionals.

Dogira Token

The Dogira Token has been developed for low cost, cross-platform utility on the Ethereum and Polygon Networks

Dogira Finance

Dogira’s unique staking platform; offering non-inflationary token staking at high APRs, with on-chain pricing tools.


Dogira’s NFT Kit is a generative NFT Toolkit, offering real-time asset creation with Chainlink VRF-Secured Random Gen.


Gooeys from Dogira Studios is a Play To Earn blockchain game, launched exclusively on Polygon.

The Bottom

The Bottom is a Crypto Podcast hosted by Elijah MacDougall, featuring noteable guests from across the Industry.

Latest Community AMA

Listen in on our latest Community AMA (Gooeys Launch Event); held on March 26th, 2022.

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Development Driven

Dogira is a development and utility focused token, staffed with a team of industry professionals with a proven track record of success.


Utilities and services purchased on Dogira platforms feed back into our staking pools; avoiding any  inflationary tokenomics.

DAO Consensus

The Dogira Token operates with DAO consensus via snapshot.eth, allowing holders to easily make suggestions, and call public votes.


With thanks to Binance Labs’ backed Multichain, Dogira is available both on the high-speed Polygon Network, and Ethereum.

The Dogira Ecosystem

Get Dogira

QuickSwap, Polygon’s lead
Decentralized Exchange

1inch, a multi-chain
DEX aggregator.

MEXC is a classic,
easy-to-use Exchange.

Dogira Finance

Dogira Finance is our unique non-inflationary staking platform, built using a forked base of PancakeSwap, and modified to include our bespoke contracts, and features.

Reviewed by, and fully audited by Paladin Blockchain Security, user safety remained paramount throughout our development cycle, ensuring our standards in both accessibility and trading security were upheld to the fullest.

Along with our bespoke staking contracts for both Single-side staking and Liquidity mining, Dogira Finance utilizes our own custom on-chain pricing tools, and NFT Kit Integration.


Dogira’s NFT Kit was fully developed in-house to simplify, streamline, and secure the process of NFT Creation for both developers, and artists.

Non-technical designers can utilise a simple spreadsheet-style design to either uniformly assign pre-generative traits and image layers, or manually define trait rarities by percentage chance to mint their full NFT collection, removing all technical barriers to NFT creation – offering real-time speeds with on-demand Image/NFT Creation, or fully pre-generated/reviewed sets.

Our NFT Kit integrates directly with ChainLink’s Verified Random Function technology, ensuring fair on-chain random generation for all participants.

For enquiries on using Dogira’s NFT Kit, please contact [email protected]


Gooeys is Dogira’s debut Play-to-Earn game, building directly on the advancements made with Dogira’s NFT Kit, alongside leveraging the reliable high speeds, and low transaction costs of the Polygon Network.

Gooeys features a fully tokenized economy, with additional incentives made available via Dogira Finance. Every Gooey and in-game item is represented by an NFT, while a standalone token is used to represent in-game currency and reward players for taking care of, and expanding their Gooey Kingdom.

Designed as a fully on-chain experience, players can trade their NFTs and in-game tokens via decentralized platforms such as OpenSea, and QuickSwap.

Dogira Team

Eoghan Hayes

Project lead

Eoghan has just over a decade of industry experience as a Developer and Manager spanning across start-ups, and enterprise-level multinational companies. As an independent developer, Eoghan released “Split or Steal” on Steam, an indie hit amassing over 150,000 downloads.

His noteable work in cryptocurrency includes being part of the original Dogecoin Team in 2013/2014, and working with Digibyte to implement their Digishield Gravity Well Difficulty Algorithm into Dogecoin.

Caroline Conway

Managing Director

Caroline’s background in Sales, Marketing, and Project Management, combined with her extensive experience across both Enterprise, and Startup level businesses has led to a successful decade-long career in the corporate space. To date, Caroline’s career has seen her collaborate with many different Global clients across different industries, such as Twitter, KPMG, and Jameson.

Caroline graduated from University College Cork in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Marketing & Management, and is currently studying towards her BSc in Computer Science.

Elijah MacDougall

Marketing & Press

Elijah is a highly versatile writer with more than five years of experience in the communications industry. He cut his teeth as a small town journalist, eventually settling into marketing and creative strategy. After immersing himself in all things blockchain, his career completely shifted to doing what he can to make the ideas found in this industry graspable by the average person.

He graduated from Trinity International University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in English/Communications and a passion for Gothic literature and Literary Theory.

Mary Mabiruna

Art & Design

Mary graduated from the South Russian Humanitarian Institute’s Department of Graphic Design and Arts and has spent ten years across both the industry space, and as a successful freelance artist. With a general interest towards Gaming and its related technologies, Mary became involved in cryptocurrency as a Design Lead, and Advisor across several projects before joining Dogira.

Mary’s artwork is heavily inspired by Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Outrun aesthetics, and the stylings of Vitaly S Alexiuss, whom Mary studied under the tutelage of.

Skyler Ramsey


Skyler’s background lays heavily into community management, and team-driven environments; most recently serving as an Operations Manager for a multinational company, directly overseeing 120 employees alongside a four-member management team. Prior to management, Skyler served as a member of the U.S. Marines, completing a tour of peacekeeping duties.

Skyler entered the cryptocurrency community in 2017, and has since re-focused his talents towards management, community building, and marketing.

Daniel Gooding


Daniel is an analytical, result-driven professional with over a decade of experience, and proven success across both government, and private enterprise sectors. Daniel’s broad range of professional experience extends from Sales Management, all the way up to a seven year tenure with the Australian Defence Force.

Daniel completed graduate courses on Blockchain-enabled Business, and Development Blockchain Strategy under RMIT University, and additionally co-founded the ADAPT Crypto Community.

$DOGIRA Is a Token on the Polygon, and Ethereum Networks. All Tokens carry risk. The value of Tokens fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a Token may move up or down, and may become valueless. The Dogira Team operate solely as a development studio which primarily uses the Dogira Token as a base for Blockchain development, and research. Ownership of $DOGIRA tokens or any products/tokens as released or developed on by the Dogira Team does not imply or confer any investment, ownership, or stake within Dogira as a studio, company, entity or otherwise. The Dogira Team take no responsibility for any losses incurred while trading, or holding $DOGIRA tokens.

For branding, press, or marketing queries, please contact marketing[at] The Dogira Team will never ask for your wallet seed phrase or password. Communication requests should be verified to be from an official source.

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